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How to plan a round trip

We know that many of our passengers like to plan round trips so as to return to their first port of call, and our timetable is designed to give you a wide choice of round trips, short and long.  Here are our suggestions for how to plan a round trip with Skibladner. Take your pick from the list below—whether you want to return to your starting point with Skibladner, or by public transport. 

You can park your car at Gjøvik, Moelv, Kapp, Evjua, Nes, Atlungstad or Hamar, and return to the same port after a round trip with Skibladner. 


Wednesdays and Saturdays (Northbound route, to Lillehammer)

Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 09:30—12:40 (til Hamar and return)
Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 09:30—17:30 (via Hamar, Moelv, Lillehammer and return)
Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 12:40—17:30 (via Moelv og Lillehammer and return)
Hamar—Hamar: kl. 11:15—18:45 (via Gjøvik, Moelv og Lillehammer and return)
Moelv—Moelv: kl. 13.30—16:30 (via Lillehammer)


Thursdays and Sundays (Central route)

Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 09:30—14:10 (via Brumunddal, Hamar, Atlungstad & Nes)
Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 14.10—18.30 (via Brumunddal, Hamar, Atlungstad & Nes)
​Gjøvik—Gjøvik: kl. 09:30—18.30 (all day cruise via Brumunddal, Hamar, Atlungstad og Nes and return)
Brumunddal—Brumunddal: kl. 11.10—15.50 (via Hamar, Atlungstad, Nes & Gjøvik)
Atlungstad—Atlungstad: kl. 12.35—17.15 (via Nes, Gjøvik, Brumunddal & Hamar)
Hamar—Hamar: kl. 12.10—16.50 (via Atlungstad, Nes, Gjøvik, & Brumunddal)
Nes—Nes: 13.10—17.45 (via Gjøvik, Brumunddal, Hamar & Atlungstad)


Tuesdays and Fridays (Southbound route, to Eidsvoll)

Gjøvik—Gjøvik: 09.30—19.30 (All day cruise via Kapp, Hamar, Evjua, Eidsvoll & return)
Kapp—Kapp: kl. 10.20—18.45 (via Hamar, Evjua, Eidsvoll & return)
Evjua—Evjua: kl. 12:20—16:50 (via Eidsvoll & return)
Hamar—Hamar: 11.15—17.55 (via Evjua, Eidsvoll & return)


Other options, including trains:

Although we don’t offer round trips from Eidsvoll and Lillehammer, you can park there and return by train after your voyage. 

Please note that Skibladner does not correspond to any particular rail departures, due to variations in sailing conditions. 
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