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Charter – the ship to yourself

You are welcome to charter Skibladner for your exclusive use, to arrange meetings, social functions, weddings or other special occasions in a unique atmosphere. On a charter voyage you can have the entire ship to yourself.
Skibladner is open for all types of groups, festive occasions and reservations. 

The charter season begins at the end of May, and continues until the start of the timetabled season around June 23. The charter season also continues after mid-August. 

Examples of charter voyages:
  • Weddings, birthdays, confirmation parties 
  • Trips for employees, team-building, work gatherings
  • Networking with customers and contacts
  • VIP trips
The ship’s saloons make it possible to serve from 10 to 110 people dining at the same time, or buffets of up to 200 people—formal or informal, on deck, below deck, with or without music—the choice is yours. You can also reserve individual saloons or if you prefer, the whole vessel. It’s hard to imagine a better break from everyday stress and routines!

Please contact the Skibladner marketing manager to discuss your specific requirements. 

Dette er Charter:

• Utgangshavnen er Gjøvik, men skuta kan også chartres fra Hamar, Eidsvoll, Totenvika, Kapp, Moelv, Nes og Lillehammer etter nærmere avtale
• Rutesesongen for publikum er fra ca. ultimo juni til medio august (det er begrenset adgang til å chartre skipet i denne perioden)
• Restaurantsjefen komponerer gjerne en egen meny til dere—ta kontakt med Skibladnerkontoret!
• Mulighet for buffet-servering (f.eks skalldyrsbuffet, reker, canapéeer m.m.)
• Musikk: vi kan ordne musikalsk underholdning for enhver smak
• Alle rettigheter
Del i sosiale medier:
Contact the Skibladner office
Hva er Charter?
• Åpen for alle grupper
• Medio mai — medio september
• Egne menyer for charter-turer
• Kelnerservice
• Cafeteria
• Alle rettigheter
• Salutter
• Musikk